kinesiology face taping course START OCTOBER 28

Face taping

Have you ever dreamt about a solution which works for your face rejuvenation while you are sleeping or doing anything else? If yes, than this course is for you! Kinesio face taping is a perfect holistic technique and a BEAUTY HACK FOR BUSY LADIES. Simply apply the tape and go to sleep. It will make all the work for you.

  • Improves lymphatic flow and helps to de-puff the face

  • Re-educate your mimic muscles and release muscle tension

  • Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Perfect sculpting solution for the checks bones and jawline

The course price

is 1200 DKK

including coach support and the roll of the tape delivered to your door (Denmark only)

The course includes

all of the following:

  • Theory

    Together we will learn all the basics from what is the Kinesio Tape and how it works to how to cut, apply, wear and combine different type of applications.

  • Practice

    Video guide for 15+ different applications which cover all most popular concerns from reducing double chin, correcting neck posture, nasolabial folds to reducing 11 lines and forehead wrinkles.

  • Bonus content

    Some extra knowledge on how to use the tape if you want to reduce the belly, treat bruises or blocked nose.

  • Kinesio Tape

    1 roll of Kinesio Tape (5 meters) is included in the price and will be delivered to your door (offer valid for Denmark only)

  • Coach support

    Watch videos, learn, ask your questions and seek for help at the comments under each lesson. Maria will guide you and answer all of them.

  • Timing

    The course lasts 10 days. New lessons available every day to learn, practice and discuss your results. 6 months access to all the course materials. Watch and learn anytime.

Your coach

Maria Zabro

holistic facelift expert, owner and founder of Agelessface studio.
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the ultimate hack for busy ladies